HIPPY Oakville asked mothers to what the program means to them:

“We like the program as it is. The lessons are very helpful”.
“I feel stronger when I have instructions to follow”.
“I feel I am doing something good for them”
“I feel good that she will do better at school”

We also asked for one word to describe HIPPY Oakville:
− Success
− Support
− Caring

NC says...

My daughter TC and I have been doing HIPPY for about six months. The positive impact
that our HIPPY learning experience has had goes beyond my expectations. HIPPY has had a positive impact on three fronts of my daughter´s life: the linguistic, the relational and the pedagogical.First, although born in Canada, my daughter TC barely spoke a word in English in public before entering HIPPY.

At home we speak in Spanish and although I have tried to expose her to the English
language as much as possible, she refused to speak in English. It was only with the one-­‐on-­‐one interaction that HIPPY is based on that I could appreciate to which extent she understood English—knowing more precisely what needed to be improved was already a gain.

At the beginning, she had some problems understanding my instructions, but after a month she began thriving. Now, not only she understands clearly all the instruction I or a HIPPY home visitor give to her, but also she is able to answer in English. Of course, her English still needs practice and work, but HIPPY was the triggering factor for her to get confident with the English language.

Also, our mother-­‐daughter relationship has deepened substantially with HIPPY. TC looks forward to the Hippy time of the day. And the reason for this expectant attitude is the closeness and exclusivity she gets from me during the daily HIPPY activity. Now she values me more because I am not only her mom, but also her “Miss,” as she calls me during HIPPY time.

I am a busy mom of two under four and the simple and clear instructions HIPPY
provides allow me to be ready for the every-­‐day learning moment without too much previous preparation. In addition, our home visitor makes a great job in making sure that I am aware of and have understood the activities of the week during our weekly visit.

Moreover, with the explanation of the skills that every activity develops provided on the first page of the weekly activities I know how simple things like pasting and cutting can have a great impact in my daughter's future learning experiences.

HIPPY team, I have not enough words to thank you! NC

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