Be A Champion

A champion supports and defends.   A champion encourages.  And every child needs a champion.  
As a HIPPY Oakville Mother, you are that champion for your child!  No one knows your child better than you.  No one can champion your child, and advocate for your child better than you.  

Your trust and belief in your child form the foundation of your child’s success. Trust and belief in your child also build resilience, the quality that enables a child to get over life’s difficulties.

Your championship of your child helps create a positive and optimistic mind-set.  It makes the child know that he is safe, that she belongs.  A positive mind-set encourages a belief in a child that hard work will result in improvement.  It supports a child as he tries to do his personal best.  A child’s self-esteem grows as she reaches for her personal best.

Being a champion is hard work! HIPPY Oakville is here to help you. Please call on us, and know that we are here for you.

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