HIPPY Oakville – Posts For Parents PFP

Catch them doing well!

How to acknowledge and reward your children when they have done something well?
Catch them at it! Not only will it make both of you feel good, it will also motivate them to repeat the behaviour.

Studies show that the warmth and affection developed when positive feelings are shared, lead to better self-esteem and improved communication skills, feelings of competency and resilience.

Consider these three methods of catching them:

Acknowledge the behaviour right away – be specific about what you noticed –
I like the way you helped me with the dishes. They are all clean now and we have time for fun

Draw a picture together of the behaviour you are encouraging. Hang it on the bedroom door and comment on it.

Develop a bedtime ritual of identifying two to three positive behaviours you have noticed during the day:
You helped your little sister with her coat;
You made your little brother laugh instead of crying!
You shared your toys with your friends.

Accentuate the positive and make everyone feel good.

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