Let’s Talk About Math

We often talk about the importance of reading to
our children but we don’t very often talk about the
importance of doing math with them. Our babies
and toddlers are developing a math vocabulary with
along with the names of the objects around them.
Just as our children need to develop skills to learn to read and write, they also need to
develop number sense and an early understanding of concepts like bigger/smaller and
more/fewer.developing numeracy.

The math we do with our
children before they start school
lays the foundation for the rest
of their lives. They are learning
much more than just counting
and numbers – they are

We need to help children
discover that math is fun while they are still young by asking them to discover patterns,
recognize shapes and later on numbers.
By using math in their daily lives, our children will learn that math is useful and
meaningful. We can ask them to sort objects according to size, shape or colour. They
can count toys, socks, dishes, cutlery, birds, cars and mailboxes!

We can measure items around the house and distances as
we walk. Later on we can ask them to guess the distance
or the capacity of a jug or container. Building structures
helps to develop spatial relations while games like Chutes
and Ladders has been found to significantly improve math
skills. Card games make number concepts fun and can be a
great family activity.
Just as we need to practise riding a bike, learning to swim
or kick a ball, we also need to practise math skills.

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