Ubuntu is an Nguni word that is very hard to translate into English. Ubuntu is the African view of community. It says, “I am a human because I belong. I participate and I share.” I am because of you. People are not people without people. Our well being is deeply tied to the well being of others; Ubuntu asks us to open our hearts and to share.

In today’s rushed society, we often think of ourselves as just individuals, separated from one another, whereas in reality, we are connected and what we do affects our community. The African proverb tells us “one finger cannot pick up a grain of corn”

We all want to live in a strong community one where we help and support each other as a matter of course.
Supportive communities appreciate each other’s gifts. People in supportive communities believe in each other. They accept and celebrate differences and gifts.
People with Ubuntu are warm, generous and welcoming. They are willing to share, to be supportive and to be available to others.

The quality of Ubuntu gives us resilience and makes us better able to deal with the world around us.
How will you practise UBUNTU?

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